About Library

The library is one of the educational process and research components and therefore always be consistent with the performance of the institution in accordance with the quality requirements and to have Raao and message can be summarized in the following
 library  vision
Making the library a beacon of scientific testimony by facilitating faculty members and teaching assistants, teachers, assistants and students of the Faculty of Engineering and other libraries of their holdings and library services provided by
Library Message:
Upgrading desktop service through the acquisition of books and periodicals and all intellectual records and conduct their production by Hassan recorded and indexed and categorized and put it on the shelf and facilitate metaphor Almstkhaddmyin
The goals of the library:
· Dissemination of scientific culture
· Increase the diversity of knowledge and scientific
· Increase the effectiveness of the user on the side of cognitive and academic access
· Provide the best service to the user

Top Ten

Sheref Mohamed Mohamed Radwa

Second in field (الأنتظام الأكاديمى)

Mohammed Ismail Abdelaziz Mo

Fourth in field (الأنتظام الأكاديمى)


First in field (Scientific)


Second in field (Scientific)


الميثاق الأخلاقي للطالب الجامعي