1- Enduring hard work to learn the students and qualify them to be distinguished engineers capable of working, being creative, innovative, and competent in the work market in the engineering fields and specializations.

2- Developing and enhancing the engineering scientific research and assuring the development of innovative capabilities, and creativity, and actively participating in developing and enhancing the technology.

3- Cohering with all the community sectors through providing experience, consulting, and solving the community problems in all engineering fields, developing, evolving, and enhancing the community overall efficiency.

4- Enhancing the efficiency of people working in the scientific and engineering sectors including engineers, technicians, and administrative personnel through holding general and specialized workshops in all the engineering and administration fields. In addition to introducing the most recent technology, techniques and applications to these personnel.

Top Ten

Sheref Mohamed Mohamed Radwa

Second in field (الأنتظام الأكاديمى)

Mohammed Ismail Abdelaziz Mo

Fourth in field (الأنتظام الأكاديمى)


First in field (Scientific)


Second in field (Scientific)


الميثاق الأخلاقي للطالب الجامعي