List Environmental Affairs

A list of the affairs of the community development and service environment
A list of the affairs of the community development and service environment
The purpose of the establishment of the affairs of the development environment and community service: _
With the development of the university and the emergence of important societal role and its goal of contributing to society and development of the service through the conversion of the university into the house scientific expertise depends on the utilization of scientific and human expertise and material potentials in the development of society need to create a new sector, the university is achieving previous roles have emerged a community service sector and environmental development.
Management role at the height level of the academic and the service of the College: _
Through the Department of Environmental Affairs and community service activities will be possible to develop and activate the role of academic and community of the college through a number of studies and social research to identify the problems facing the community and to identify the actual needs of the development community.
Assigned to the administration tasks: _
1. Adopt and follow-up applied research projects conducted on behalf of companies and other entities at home and abroad to serve the community and the development environment.
2. oversee the affairs of the special units that provide services or some of its services to non-students.
3. oversee the HUAU to provide assistance for college students and graduates to find suitable jobs for them.
4. supervise the organization of scientific conferences and courses and public lectures aimed at community service and development environment.
Working procedures:_
First: _ Department of Environment and service for Community projects: _
1-project preparation and Applied Studies, which serves the areas of the environment and follow up their implementation plans.
2. coordination with civil society organizations and various interested parties the areas of the environment and society.
3. oversee the overall appearance of the internal and external college or institute and follow up the implementation of maintenance and protection of the university environment work.
4. Supervision of security and occupational health and safety within the college or institute.
Second: _ Department of Affairs special units: _
1 Follow-up Affairs with financial, administrative and technical nature of the units and conducting periodic evaluation of them.
2. projects and topics that are given to and from the centers and units of a special nature of the college or institute presentation and follow-up implementation.
3. inventory of all data on personnel, equipment units of a special nature.
4. Work on marketing products and services of the special units.
Third: _ Department of the follow-up of graduates: _
1-establishment of a comprehensive database for graduates and work to connect them Bklyatem and the university.
2. Development and strengthening ties with the college or institute graduates and expatriates employed in supporting research and financial capacities of the College.
3. holding forums and follow-up employment in cooperation with the relevant bodies.
Fourth: _ Department of Communications and conferences and bank information and documents: _
1-organization of scientific conferences and symposia, public lectures and workshops aimed at community service and development environment.
2. The issuance of environmental bulletins within the college or institute.
3. Prepare and update the data on those bodies are actively interested in the college or institute rules.

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