Conditions of Registration

6. registration for PhD
Accepted for registration for PhD student winning a master's degree in engineering science from the Egyptian universities or equivalent degree from the Supreme Council of Universities in all engineering disciplines.
7. comprehensive exam
A student unrestricted at this stage, he has to lead a comprehensive test does not allow him to enrollment in the next stage only after his success in this exam.
B is a competent board of the department of the Commission of five members of the faculty and are selected so that their specialties vary around the general area of ​​the student that the two of them have at least from outside the college and is the oldest teacher in the Commission planned.
C Committee will meet at the invitation of its decision to select the subjects that the student will test them to include basic disciplines on the public sphere and the level commensurate with the degree of doctorate.
D provides the student request to hold the exam committee and set a date for the exam editorial needed his time.
After his student for the exam editorial functioning of the Commission to set a date for the performance of the oral examination in the presence of all its members to discuss the student in the public specialization Committee shall at the end of the meeting to declare a student pass or fail in this exam.
And the student may reapply for a comprehensive exam, before the same committee.
8. doctorate decisions
A join this phase of the comprehensive examination successfully completed.
B student who never pass the certification to determine the level of English at a rate of at least 500 degrees exam (TOEFL) has to pass this exam or equivalent recognized English exams before registration in the decisions of this stage.
A student studies at this stage 9 credit hours at least 700 or 600-level courses available scientific specialization unprecedented student studied and started.
D student must achieve an average score in the doctoral decisions of at least 3.00.
9. preparing his doctoral thesis
A. At the beginning of the preparation thesis student credit hours registered under the name of (the follow-up PhD) message with a minimum of six credit hours per semester for four semesters, at least.
B student's thesis is assessed as 48 credit hours.

Top Ten

Sheref Mohamed Mohamed Radwa

Second in field (الأنتظام الأكاديمى)

Mohammed Ismail Abdelaziz Mo

Fourth in field (الأنتظام الأكاديمى)


First in field (Scientific)


Second in field (Scientific)


الميثاق الأخلاقي للطالب الجامعي