Social Solidarity Fund

-sndouk Social solidarity:
Aims to:
· Achieve social solidarity to the students in a different way from the insurance and social welfare.
To contribute to the implementation of student services.
· Work to resolve the problems faced by students and prevent them from continuing their studies because of the fiscal deficit.
If you are interested in the work of financial assistance from the Social Solidarity Fund of the college you have to follow the following:
· Apply to the Youth Welfare Office to take college speech and social unity of its place of residence.
· Bring social search with a picture card Crown Alomroousourh death certificate if the father is deceased.
· Interview Pferguetk your social worker.
· Social research is sorted and studied by the social worker and refer the matter to the Board of Directors.
· Research is unloading in the stomach so it forms.
· After the approval of Mr. Prof. Dr. / Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs and head of the fund management it is materially exchange directly from the college treasury.

Top Ten

Sheref Mohamed Mohamed Radwa

Second in field (الأنتظام الأكاديمى)

Mohammed Ismail Abdelaziz Mo

Fourth in field (الأنتظام الأكاديمى)


First in field (Scientific)


Second in field (Scientific)


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