Admission is through coordination and coordination-mail to the Office of the student holds a minimum for admission to the college in the public high Oomaiedelha.
 Student transfers:
A new students:
1-receipt and inventory transfer requests by the Central Bureau of conversion and the university in the month of August until the end of October of each year.
2. Office is specially tasked with (new freshmen students and candidates for colleges are referred Ootadel nominated via the Internet and not be decided in accordance with the Supreme Council of Universities.
(B) the transfer of enrollment (students veterans :.
- Students enrolled in any teams, seminars and been on their access to public high academic year at least want to transfer restriction for other colleges is landscapes are required to be required to meet qualifying conditions to accept the minimum that was accepted in obtaining a high school in the colleges who are interested in the university and be from the East or geographical distribution.
C - band up:
Asymmetric transfer between colleges in the school years the top of the First Year or Prep
  According to the following:
1. Central conversion at the university level.
2. to be successful and transferred to the student teams higher in college converter of them.
3. shall not exceed the percentage transferred 20% of the number of students enrolled is required to transfer to the band.
4. to be a priority among the applicants for the students who got the highest totals.
5. taking into account the geographical distribution rules.
 You must consider the following when the conversion:
1-not to accept the transfer band eventually students.
2. not to accept transfer students from abroad, where they are considered separated from home and are not bound by.
3. Do not be converted teams higher than the Faculty of Pharmacy, Tanta University and Colleges of Pharmacy, which the junior high band
This large difference in regulations or study plans.
4. do not consider the student before turning the dependence of D / rector Oommn behalf whatever point conversion as
 Does not allow them to regular study or pay fees or extract Karnahat only after the adoption of turning them
5-Dean and Vice Dean for Education, students are assigned to them necessary to conduct scientific work clearing
     Students transferred in coordination with the heads of relevant departments.
6. notify the General Administration for Education and Student Affairs monthly statement, including the names and data transferred students or
      Enrollment transferred to and from college.
7. Taking into account the non-acceptance of students transferred freshmen furthest You make sure the approval of the Coordinating Bureau of the conversion.
  Conversion rules and the new program controls: -
(In accordance with the decision of the Supreme Council of Universities session No. 490 dated 24/8/2008)
1. For students with a secondary Egyptian General.
2. allow them to switch on the new university college programs in the case of the availability of new places to programs intended to convert.
3. let them transfer of new programs to the regular programs and vice versa, but after a year or Crown Prep, after the offset of the materials that have been studied.
4. For students equation Certificates (Arab and foreign).
5. programs allowing them to accept the new university colleges provided accepted into college.
6. not to allow students to transfer between the new that the programs allow them to transfer after the first year after all the conditions and controls on remittances are met.
7. not be allowed to accept students Raspin the new program, both within the college Aoforeigha.

Top Ten

Sheref Mohamed Mohamed Radwa

Second in field (الأنتظام الأكاديمى)

Mohammed Ismail Abdelaziz Mo

Fourth in field (الأنتظام الأكاديمى)


First in field (Scientific)


Second in field (Scientific)


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